Day 13 – Grouting and basin splashback

I can’t believe how much better the mosaics look with the grouting (Manhattan Grey), makes the finish lighter and the black subway tiles pop out more.

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Days 11 & 12 in the bathroom

I had a long weekend in Amsterdam, well a stag party weekend to be precise, so I was grateful for the time not being in the flat and thinking about it.

Got home feeling ROUGH and the mosaics were still going up – the guy has to cut each INDIVIDUAL mosaic for the edges…. oops!

More progress on Monday though with black grouting on subway tiles and the (beautiful!) sink & taps installed:

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Day 10 in the bathroom… mosaics going up

Had a big meeting in the middle of nowhere yesterday, waiting at the train station and had a message from my builder with a pic of the mosaics going up.


Spent a lovely evening with Amanda and came home today after work to find 80% of the mosaics up and 99% of the bordering done…

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Bathroom progress – Day 9 and more tiles….

Most of the bordering has been completed, along with 98% of the bath panel.  Hopefully will come home tomorrow night to see lots of mosaic tiles up as well!

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Bathroom day 8 – tiles start going up

Today saw some of the border tiles go up, along with the bath panel and alcoves.  My builder pointed out a flaw in my original plan which would have left some of the ceramic edges exposed and look poor, so with that change agreed they cracked on.

I think it’s going to be slow going with the tiling and looking forward to it being done as the progress so far already gives me a huge buzz around the final finished look!

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Bathroom Day 7….

Getting REALLY excited now.  My builder is doing a great job and GETS it.  I was trying to find a solution for the edges where the mosaic tiles won’t go around the angle, after buying some edging that won’t work (Tile Giant got that wrong!)

Instead of just going for the easiest solution for him, my guy (Robert) said “no, that won’t work for what you want, it will not look good” and suggested some options that were going to take him more time to source.  Nice one!

Lots more done today.

bath in place, check

Ceilings plastered and painted, check.

Extractor fan fitted, check.

New architrave around the doors and window, check.

Alcove cut into false wall for putting cool stuff, yes check!

The sexiest shower put in, CHECK!

Alcoves filled ready for subway tile, check.

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Day 6 in the bathroom

Came home after a very boozy NME Awards show to find nice smooth walls and the bath shelf alcove I asked my guy to cut out of the boarding.

Getting excited now!!!!

My radiator is coming on Friday and hopefully the bathroom cabinet then all the bits are in……

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